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STAND-UP to Congress: STAND-UP for Affordable Housing

As the CEO of Georgia STAND-UP, I am deeply concerned about the impact of spending cuts on our communities, particularly in the area of affordable housing. The current budget debate in Washington has largely ignored the struggles faced by many individuals and families, but the need for affordable housing is very real and pressing.

Research from the National Low Income Housing Coalition has found that our nation is facing a shortage of over 7 million apartments that are affordable to the 11 million families with extremely low incomes. This has resulted in more people struggling to pay their rent each month, evictions increasing, and more individuals being pushed into homelessness.

Despite this tremendous need, federal housing assistance has chronic underfunding due to low spending caps. Furthermore, some policymakers are proposing dramatic cuts to domestic investments, including affordable housing and homelessness resources. This is a concerning tactic that could have devastating consequences for our communities.

At Georgia STAND-UP, we believe that everyone deserves a decent, affordable place to live. That's why we advocate for expanding proven solutions, such as ensuring rental assistance is available to everyone who is eligible, building more homes that are affordable to people with the lowest incomes, creating permanent tools to help stabilize families in a crisis, and strengthening and enforcing renter protections.

Investing in affordable housing has far-reaching benefits. It leads to better health and education outcomes, supports economic mobility, and advances racial equity. That's why it's crucial for policymakers to prioritize funding for critical housing investments and consider the harm that these spending cuts can have on our communities.

We urge Congress to put the needs of people first and work with organizations like Georgia STAND-UP to ensure that everyone has access to affordable housing and the opportunity for a better future. Let's work together towards a brighter tomorrow for all.

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