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Medicaid Expansion

Georgia STAND-UP champions Medicaid expansion, engaging leaders and educating communities to ensure that all low-income earners have equitable access to vital health care coverage.

Securing Affordable Healthcare

Georgia STAND-UP is committed to ensuring that every Georgian, regardless of income, has access to quality, comprehensive health care. However, the Medicaid Redetermination process has challenged this goal. In Georgia alone, over half a million people have lost access to health coverage due to this process, with a sizable portion of those affected belonging to Black and Latinx populations.


Georgia STAND-UP employs strategies to advance Medicaid expansion and low-income earner’s opportunities to obtain and retain health care coverage.


These strategies include:

  • Meeting with elected officials, state, and federal agency leaders to develop strategies in response to Medicaid Eligibility Redetermination issues.

  • Educating low-income earners about ways to secure Medicaid or other insurance coverage options. 

  • Advocating by educating elected officials regarding how lives are impacted when low-income earners have access to health care.

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