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Georgia STAND-UP Joins First 'Black Men and Boys Day' at Georgia State Capitol

On March 22nd, 2023, Georgia STAND-UP joined Black men and boys from across Georgia for the first ever Black Men and Boys Day at the Georgia State Capitol. We were honored to be a part of this historic event and to witness Black men and boys learning about their individual and collective power and understanding why they have a purpose in places such as the State Capitol.

The event was a collaborative effort between Black Male Initiative and State Representative El-Mahdi Holly, with support from community organizations and leaders, including Georgia STAND-UP, House of Representative Eric Bell, and many others. The day included educating Black men and boys about African American history within the Capitol and providing them with a tour of the building, as well as opportunities for open conversations with representatives and officials.

As an organization committed to promoting economic and social justice in Georgia, Georgia STAND-UP recognizes the importance of empowering Black men and boys and creating spaces where they can learn about their history, culture, and power. We are proud to have been a part of this historic event and to have had the opportunity to witness Black men and boys coming together to learn, connect, and inspire one another.

Though a step forward, more work is to be done. This experience itself showed that very much. We have more effort to put in and more fear to put away. But it all starts with one step forward. — Kyle Hobson

At Georgia STAND-UP, we believe that events like the Black Men and Boys Day are essential to building stronger, more resilient communities in Georgia. By providing opportunities for education, connection, and empowerment, we can create a more just and equitable society for all. We are committed to continuing our work with community partners to promote economic and social justice and to empower Black men and boys in Georgia.

If you would like to learn more about Georgia STAND-UP and our work to promote economic and social justice in Georgia, visit our website at

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