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Empowering Georgia: Georgia STAND-UP's Mission to Safeguard Medicaid Access

In an era where access to quality healthcare is more crucial than ever, Georgia STAND-UP has emerged as a beacon of hope and empowerment. Dedicated to educating and assisting Georgians to prevent the loss of Medicaid coverage during the challenging process of Medicaid Unwinding, this organization is making significant strides in raising awareness and advocating for healthcare access for all.

The Challenge of Medicaid Unwinding

Medicaid Unwinding—a complex process of reviewing and potentially discontinuing Medicaid coverage—has the potential to disrupt the lives of countless individuals and families. Recognizing this threat to healthcare access, Georgia STAND-UP has taken up the mantle of educating the community about the intricacies of this process, equipping them with the knowledge they need to navigate it successfully.

A Collaborative Approach: Partnering for Positive Change

One of Georgia STAND-UP's key strategies is forging partnerships with state representatives and elected officials throughout Georgia. By working hand in hand, they bring attention to the issue of Medicaid Unwinding and ensure that accurate information reaches those who need it most. The organization's series of luncheons with community leaders not only foster open dialogue but also arm these leaders with the resources they need to guide their constituents through this challenging terrain.

Advocates for Change

Over the past month, Georgia STAND-UP's efforts have led them across the state to partner with influential individuals such as Representative Debra Bazemore, Representative Gabe Okoye, Representative Segun Adeyina, Representative Terry Cummings, and Representative Lydia Glaize. By joining forces with these dedicated advocates, Georgia STAND-UP is amplifying its impact and creating a network of supporters committed to addressing Medicaid Unwinding's challenges head-on.

The Power of Advocacy

An inspiring milestone in this journey is the collaboration with Congresswoman Lucy McBath. A steadfast advocate for healthcare access and equity, Congresswoman McBath's support has fortified Georgia STAND-UP's mission. Together, they're working to raise awareness and enact change in the realm of Medicaid Unwinding, ensuring that Georgia's families have the vital healthcare access they deserve.

The Current Situation

The urgency of Georgia STAND-UP's work is underscored by the ongoing redetermination process, which has led to a concerning number of individuals—nearly 100,000 people—losing their Medicaid coverage according to Georgia Recorder. Additionally, more than 63,000 children have lost access to PeachCare due to this process. These figures highlight the critical nature of Georgia STAND-UP's education and advocacy efforts.

Most of them had their coverage terminated “due to lack of information received by the state to make an eligibility determination,” according to a press release from the state Department of Community Health, which administers the Medicaid program. Georgia Recorder

A Future of Empowerment

As Georgia STAND-UP continues to champion education, collaboration, and compassion, they pave the way for a future where healthcare access is a universal right, not a privilege. Through partnerships, conversations, and informed advocacy, they empower Georgia's citizens in their journey to protect their Medicaid coverage amidst the challenges of Medicaid Unwinding.

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