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Community Leaders Gather at Georgia STAND-UP's Medicaid Unwinding Lunch and Learn

As the COVID-19 emergency ramps down, more than 450,000 Georgians may lose their healthcare coverage due to the termination of open enrollment in the Medicaid program. Georgia STAND-UP, a leading non-profit healthcare advocate, has launched a statewide re-enrollment campaign to ensure that eligible citizens are not denied access to the program.

“It’s time for Georgia to STAND-UP for universal care for everyone,” said Deborah Scott, CEO of Georgia STAND-UP. The organization recently hosted a Medicaid Unwinding Lunch and Learn at its Movement Center headquarters on May 4th, where a diverse group of community activists, healthcare experts, faith groups, and political leaders attended to gain knowledge and resources to help Medicaid and Peach Care enrollees navigate the re-enrollment process.

Speakers at the event included Attorney Cynthia Gibson of Georgia Legal Services, Brittany Newton of Voices for Georgia's Children, Ife Finch Floy of the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute, and Antrell Tyson, Regional Director of HHS. Political leaders included Representatives Terry Cumming, Rhonda Burnough, and Patty Bentley, Senator Gail Davenport, East Point Mayor Deena Holiday Ingraham along with council member Karen Renee, and members of Representatives of Lucy McBath and Hank Johnson's staff.

At the work session, attendees completed commitment forms to build an ongoing outreach campaign. The campaign will provide assistance, guidance, and resources to organizations, groups, and individuals that will help amplify re-enrollment messaging across the state.

Unwinding the expanded Medicaid program that began on April 1, 2023, will take place over a period of twelve to fourteen months. During that period, enrollees must provide evidence to the Department of Human Services that they qualify to continue receiving Medicaid benefits.

Georgia STAND-UP and its coalition partners fear that the state will be unable to notify many program enrollees of this reactivated annual requirement because many Medicaid recipients are transient and difficult to track. Therefore, Georgia STAND-UP encourages all Medicaid and Peach Care enrollees to take proactive steps to check their eligibility status and ensure continued coverage.

To learn more about the Medicaid program in Georgia and check your eligibility status, please visit the Georgia Medicaid website. For additional resources and support, visit the Georgia Department of Health Services website on Medicaid Unwinding. Let’s STAND-UP for universal care for everyone in Georgia.

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