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CEO Scott & Georgia STAND-UP Receive Justice For All Award

The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus' Annual Conference witnessed a truly inspiring moment as CEO Deborah Scott and Georgia STAND-UP were honored with the prestigious Justice For All Award. 🎉 This recognition is a testament to their unwavering commitment to advocating for justice, equity, and empowerment in our beloved state.

A special thanks and heartfelt gratitude go out to Georgia State Representative Lydia Glaize for presenting the award to Georgia STAND-UP. Her support and dedication to championing social justice causes are truly commendable.

Justice for All means so much to Georgians, especially Black women. It embodies the relentless pursuit of fairness, equal opportunities, and dismantling systemic barriers. It is about creating a society where every voice is heard, every life is valued, and every dream is within reach. This award highlights the tireless efforts of those who strive to uplift marginalized communities and work towards a more inclusive Georgia.

Congratulations to CEO Deborah Scott and Georgia STAND-UP for this well-deserved recognition. Your passion and dedication are beacons of hope, inspiring us all to continue advocating for a brighter and more just future.

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