Our Mission

Georgia STAND-UP is an alliance of community, labor, and faith organizations that promote economic justice and smart growth strategies through research, education, and advocacy.

Georgia STAND-UP, a Think & Act Tank for Working Communities, is an alliance of leaders representing community, faith, academic, and labor organizations which organizes and educates communities about issues related to economic development. Our mission is to provide information and resources to help create healthy, livable neighborhoods while respecting the right of existing residents to benefit from the progress and developments taking place within their communities. With the goal of alleviating poverty and encouraging regional equity through the empowerment of leaders and the inclusion of community benefits, Georgia STAND-UP empowers residents to ensure economic development meets the needs of their neighborhoods and uses community benefits agreements and policies to assist communities, developers and redevelopment agencies in working together to create successful development projects.


Georgia STAND-UP is a partner in the national community benefits movement, primarily made up the 17 organizations represented by the Partnership for Working Families.