Tent City


The “tent city” outside the northeast gate at Turner Field is an escalation by a different group aligned with the Housing Justice League, an advocacy organization that has called for more aggressive steps to deal with gentrification and a lack of affordable housing. Georgia STAND-UP stood in solidarity with the Housing Justice League and other partners to support awareness and policies to protect rising housing costs resulting in an increase in homelessness in Atlanta.

Get Out to Vote

Get Out to Vote (GOTV) describes efforts aimed at increasing voter turnout in elections. In Georgia, voter turnout can be low due to voter suppression tactics and voter intimidation.

Georgia STAND-UP partners with other non-partisan organizations to lead voter registration campaigns by electoral authorities to motivate & energize potential voters to register and to vote. 


Campaigns typically attempt to register voters, then get them to vote, either by absentee ballot, early voting or election day voting.


Support the Black Agenda 2020, Pledge to Vote Below

Red Light the Gulch

The City of Atlanta's Bucks for Billionaires Gulch Scheme that passed Council on Mon Nov 5 would short schools and public services of $1.44 Billion. Residents would end up holding the bag - yet would own no share of this huge private development.


This really has been a fight over what sort of city Atlanta is going to be - one run for all residents or one run for a few powerful, wealthy insiders by their pawns. Six Council Members stood firm with their constituents and we should all support them.


Currently, we are still waiting on the next steps according to the judge. STAND-UP will likely have to appeal.

Saving Our Schools


Atlanta Public Schools and a local teachers’ union continue to battle over the district’s decision to offer teachers only two-thirds of the raises the state promised them until it gets more funding to pay for them.

The district is giving its teachers only $2,000 of the $3,000 raises Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law in May through a bill approved by the Georgia General Assembly in March, until more funds become available, and other staff members are getting smaller pay increases at a varying scale.

-Everett Catts, Northside Neighbor

Transit Equity Week

In 2019, Georgia Stand-Up hosted its second National Transit Equity Week, including events at Oakland City  and West End MARTA station.


With all the exciting things going on with expanding transit in the metro Atlanta area over the next 30 years, now is the time to make sure our voices are heard and that we know:

  1. Transit Equity is important to our communities and economic development whether we choose to use public transit or not

  2. How Public Transit and global warming are connected

  3. Why public transit, clean air, and environmental justice are issues that negatively impact the quality of air and water for poor people and people of color disproportionately

  4. Why YOU should care about Transit Equity 

  5. What you can do about holding our leaders accountable for more equitable outcomes for communities that need it most.

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