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This year, voters will select their candidate of choice in the following offices: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, State Senate, State House of Representatives, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Labor Commissioner, Insurance Commissioner, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Public Service Commissioner, and Agriculture Commissioner. 


Each of the offices up for election this year have a greater impact on our daily lives than the U.S. President or Members of Congress alone. Our state officials are the ones who make decisions that affect the quality of our schools and working conditions. They make critical choices about what law enforcement looks like in our state, and they help set the prices we pay for our electricity, utilities, and water. State and local governments are responsible for the most fundamental aspects of our daily lives. If we don’t vote for all the offices on the ballot, we miss an opportunity to select the best candidates to lead our state, cities, and towns in a way that fully reflects our best interests.

Make your voice heard. Fill in your contact information to receive information and reminders about upcoming elections.

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