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Georgia STAND-UP Donates over 300 Supplies and Resources to Local HBCU Pantry

Georgia STAND-UP, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating economic opportunities for working families in Georgia, has been working tirelessly to bring resources to Black youth and college students at local HBCUs. The organization stepped in to help students at Clark Atlanta University on January 31st, when over 500 students were displaced from a female freshman dormitory. Georgia STAND-UP worked with student leaders and campus organizations to mobilize and organize resources, and together they provided over 500 meals and hundreds of supplies to the affected students.

Today, Georgia STAND-UP continues to fill gaps for students in need by donating over 300 outstanding resources, including hygiene products, clothing items, and snacks. The organization has been able to set up and distribute these resources through partnerships with Mimi's Pantry, ensuring that they are accessible for all students of the Atlanta University Center.

The work that Georgia STAND-UP is doing is critical in light of the challenges that Black youth and college students have been facing in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened economic disparities and inequalities, leaving many students struggling to make ends meet. This is especially true for those attending HBCUs, which are often under-resourced and underfunded.

By providing resources and support to these students, Georgia STAND-UP is helping to ensure that they have the tools they need to succeed in their academic and personal lives. The organization's work also helps to build stronger communities by empowering young people and creating economic opportunities for working families.

"We are committed to supporting the needs of Black youth and college students, particularly those attending HBCUs," said Deborah Scott, Executive Director of Georgia STAND-UP. "We know that our efforts can make a real difference in their lives, and we are grateful for the partnerships and support of our community in this important work."

Georgia STAND-UP's continued efforts to donate resources to Black youth and college students at local HBCUs demonstrate the power of community and the importance of creating opportunities for those who need them most. If you want to support this important work, reach out and get involved. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of young people and build stronger communities for all.

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