STAND-UP & Vote! is the non-profit, non-partisan voter engagement and education program of Georgia STAND-UP. As a part of STAND-UP’s efforts to ensure that government is accountable to needs of communities, STAND-UP & Vote! is essential to ensuring that residents are educated and engaged in elections at all levels of government, from the local School Board or City Council to the President. The components of the program include:

  • Voter Registration
  • Education around Ballot Initiatives and Constitutional Amendments
  • GOtV (Get Out the Vote) Initiatives
  • Voter Care at the Polls
  • Alliance Community Issues Platform
  • Non-Partisan Candidate Forums
  • AUC the Vote Student Voter Engagement

In 2009 program efforts, STAND-UP Alliance members developed a Community Issues Platform in order to frame the key issues communities in Atlanta are facing for candidates seeking public office in the 2009 municipal elections. The STAND-UP & Vote! Community Issues Platform is a strategic and unified vision of the more than 160 neighborhood leaders, community-based advocates, faith-based leaders, and labor union representatives that make up the STAND-UP Alliance. More than thirty candidates for local elected office endorsed the issues represented in the platform. For a copy of the STAND-UP & Vote! 2009 Community Issues Platform, please click here.
After the release of the STAND-UP & Vote! Community Issues Platform, Alliance members led by the STAND-UP Vote! Working Group leaders developed non-partisan candidate forums, where participants ranked candidate’s understanding and values based on answers to questions relating to the key issues in the platform, good jobs, economic development, transit and transportation, vacant and abandoned housing, affordable housing, public safety, and public land. STAND-UP then released a scorecard that illustrated the forum participants’ rating of each candidate.
Finally, STAND-UP & Vote! efforts in 2009 were rounded out by GOtV efforts in neighborhoods around the city, as well as at the Atlanta University Center through the AUC the Vote! program in order to increase voter participation in the 2009 General and Run-Off elections.
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