Atlanta Beltline

 In November 2005, Georgia STAND-UP and the Atlanta North Georgia Labor Council had a historic win as the Atlanta City Council created a requirement to include community benefits for the first time on a major economic development project, the BeltLine, in the city of Atlanta.  The largest public infrastructure project in the country, the BeltLine is a $1.67 billion publicly funded project that promises to create a 22 –mile transit system, double the greenspace in the City of Atlanta, create more than 37,500 permanent jobs and 48,000 construction jobs, create 5,600 affordable workforce housing units, and spur more than $200 billion in private development over 25 years.  

The Community Benefits requirements for the BeltLine ensure that the residents impacted by this major development by ensuring that residents benefit from:

  • “First Source” Hiring Opportunities to target job opportunities for residents of BeltLine neighborhoods
  • Utilization of Pre-Apprenticeship Programs and Apprenticeship Programs
  • Prevailing Wage Requirements
  • Other Community Benefits as desired by the community and developed with community input.

Since this historic win, Georgia STAND-UP is engaged in an on-going campaign to increase community engagement opportunities and push for a comprehensive, detailed community benefits policy package for the BeltLine project. 


The on-going BeltLine campaign work includes:

  • Educating and Organizing Communities to win a Comprehensive BeltLine-wide Community Benefits Policy
  • Improving the First Source Hiring and Workforce Development Program for the BeltLine
  • Providing research and recommendations to mitigate Involuntary Displacement along the BeltLine
  • Providing input and recommendations to policies governing the BeltLine Affordable Housing Trust Fund
  • Organizing Communities to participate in Community Engagement Opportunities around Policy Development, Master Planning, Affordable Housing Policy Development, Parks and Trails Development
  • Serving on the BeltLine Tax Allocation District Advisory Committee as experts on Community Benefits
  • Serving on the Atlanta Land Trust Collaborative Development Committee created to spur Community Land Trusts along the BeltLine

For more information and updates on the current status of the BeltLine Community Benefits campaign, please sign-up for our e-alerts or check out when the next Beltline meeting is.