Community Benefits Campaigns

Community Benefits Campaigns combine policy analysis, research and organizing to ensure that economic development is inclusive of existing residents both creating extensive community input in shaping the project and producing specific measurable benefits to the residents impacted by the project. These campaigns can center on large-scale government sponsored economic development policies and projects or on smaller scale development projects taking place in a specific neighborhood or community. A win-win-win for the community, local government and the developer, Community Benefits promote inclusiveness and coalition building, while facilitating the project approval process and providing a method of accountability to the community at-large.

Georgia STAND-UP’s Community Benefits Campaigns are a formal product of the STAND-UP Alliance. These campaigns can take many forms from creating accountable economic development policy and procedures at the local government level to the negotiation of a Community Benefits Agreement directly with a developer. A Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) is a legally enforceable contract signed by a community group and developer which outlines a range of community benefits the developer agrees to provide as part of a development project.

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