Building Leadership

The Policy Institute for Civic Leadership is a class offered to current and emerging grassroots leaders, community activists, elected officials, local faith based leaders, leaders and supporters of academia, activists, parents, youth and community constituents. Through an intensive eight session class with guest trainers, the Policy Institute empowers local leaders to form a “smart network” committed to regional equity and policy change.

The objectives of the Policy Institute are:

  • To develop a common language of analysis
  • To understand the principal forces and dynamics driving economic policy and economic development.
  • To provide background on the historic and present role that government, organized labor, and grassroots groups play in creating and affecting public policy.
  • To build a framework for analyzing the "regional power structure"
  • To create the opportunity for leaders working across constituencies to develop new coalitions and strategiesThe Policy Institute is held twice a year, either for eight consecutive weeks (when offered on weekdays) or during four bi-weekly sessions (when offered on Saturdays).

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