Our Work

Programs at a Glance

The Georgia STAND-UP Alliance
The Georgia STAND-UP Alliance is comprised of leaders representing community, faith, academic, and labor organizations that work together on various projects to affect change within the communities the organization serves. Facilitated by Georgia STAND-UP staff, Alliance meetings include networking and information, idea and resource sharing among members. As a group, the Alliance researches various community projects, discusses options and opportunities and makes recommendations for the benefi t of a community.

The Policy Institute for Civic Leadership
The Policy Institute for Civic Leadership is an eight session training course that brings together community and faith leaders, service organization representatives, and policymakers to grow in knowledge about the issues that affect local communities. Topics range from regional history and civics to economics and public finance. Upon graduation, Institute participants can take newfound understanding back to their communities and organizations to organize change.

Community Benefits Campaigns and Agreements
A formal product of the Alliance, a Community Benefi ts Agreement (CBA) is a legally enforceable contract signed by a community group and developer which outlines a range of community benefi ts the developer agrees to provide as part of a development project. A win-win for both the community and the developer, a CBA promotes inclusiveness and coalition building while facilitating the project approval process and providing a method of accountability to the community at-large.

Research & Advocacy
Georgia STAND-UP conducts and presents the findings of research to help ensure effective policies are created to benefi t local communities. This research, often conducted with direct input and participation of community leaders and academic partners, frames the important issues facing neighborhoods and assists those communities in making systematic change.

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