Atlanta's Significant Developments


Project Description
We have highlighted 8 developments proposed and collaborated on by the city or other public entities.  These developments are located between downtown and the airport and consist of a plethora of development types from transportation, to office, commercial and residential, to an open-air stadium development.  All projects include public aid.  These developments are still in development stages and this information is subject to change.
Projected costs (Construction, operating, incentives)
The combined cost of development (development costs have not been announced for The Gulch) is over $4 billion at:
Projected jobs (construction, operations, management)
It is predicted that the projects will create 35,981 Long-term jobs and 49,360 construction jobs.
Projected funding (all levels)
The projects will receive local, state and federal public funds along with private investment.  The combined projects have announced that they plan to receive:
$565 million state/local bonds
$1.7 billion in TAD
$127.6 million in federal seed money
$30 million from city
The private investors have announced investmesnts amounting to $400 million, but certain projects have not announced costs.
NPUs and neighbors (directly surrounding projects)
K (Washington Park, Mozley Park, Hunter Hills, Bankhead, and Howell Station/Knight Park)
L (English Avenue and Vine City),
M (Downtown, Castleberry Hill, Old 4th Ward and Sweet Auburn),
T (Atlanta University Center, Ashview Heights, Just Us, West End, Westview, Harris Chiles, and The Villages at Castleberry Hill),
X (Capitol View, Capitol View Manor, Hammond Park, Perkerson, Sylvan Hills)
Y ((South Atlanta, Englewood Manor, Chosewood Park, Lakewood Heights, Betmar Villa, Amal Heights, Joyland, High Point),

R (Adams Park, Pomona Park, Fort Valley, Campbellton Road, Laurens Valley, Southwest, Greenbriar)
S (Bush Mountain, Cascade Avenue/Road, Fort McPherson, Oakland City, Venetian Hills),

Neighborhood Demographics (from 2010 Census)
2010 Census data shows the census tracts immediately surrounding each development are made up of:
80.1% black or African
14.5% White
3.8% Hispanic or Latino
.6% Asian
1% Other
26.8% of housing is vacant
City council districts and council members
District 1, Carla Smith,, (404) 330-6052
District 2, Kwanza Hall,, (404) 330-6039 (5 projects)
District 3, Ivory Lee Young, Jr.,, (404) 330-6046 (5 projects)
District 4, Cleta Winslow,, (404) 330-6047 (4 projects)
District 5, Natlyn Mosby Archibong,, (404) 330-6048
District 6, Alex Wan,, (404) 330-6049
District 8, Yolanda Adrean,, (404) 330-6051
District 9, Felicia A. Moore,, (404) 330-6044
District 11, Keisha Bottoms,, (404) 330-6054
District 12, Joyce Sheperd,, (404) 330-6053, (2 projects)
Authorities and/or governing boards and/or Key Departments(city, state, federal) involved:

Porsche, H.J. Russell LLC, WalMart, Cousins Properties, Forest City, Integral Group, Georgia World Congress Center Authority, and the Atlanta Falcons, Fort McPherson Land Redevelopment Authority, GDOT, City of Atlanta, MARTA, Fort McPherson Land Redevelopment Authority,
Atlanta Development Authority, Atlanta Beltline Inc., the Trust for Public Land, Midtown Improvement District, Central Atlanta Progress, and Downtown Improvement District, Georgia World Congress Center Authority
Thank you for your interest.  Please feel free to comment below on the information, Atlanta's future, or how Atlantans can organize and engage the public-private partnerships overseeing these developments to ensure that Atlanta's current residents can experience the greatest benefits from these developments.
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