Research & Advocacy

Georgia STAND-UP organizes and presents several types of research to help ensure effective public policy is created to benefit our local communities.

  • Framing Research: Economic development strategy and the state of working communities in the Atlanta region
  • Campaign Specific Research: Specific economic development projects and neighborhoods
  • Community Participatory Research: Training community members to conduct research in their own communities

As a Think and Act Tank, STAND-UP focuses all of our research on creating advocacy tools and public policy recommendations that meet the needs of working families and facilitates ongoing community engagement and the equitable distribution of opportunities around the region. 

STAND-UP Research Reports

Fort McPherson Community Action Plan: Executive Summary (2011)
Fort McPherson Community Action Plan:  Full Report (2011)
STAND-UP & Vote! Community Issues Platform (2009)
Listen UP Atlanta! Rebuilding Trust through Community Engagement (2008)
Beltline Rising Home Values Report (2007)